Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1

Played the ‘counselor.’ I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. Neither am I a psychology student nor a medical professional. However, when I was a teenager fifteen years ago, I somehow declared myself a ‘counselor’ to my friends, and they accepted it.  I am a good listener and can keep any secret. I shouldContinue reading “Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1”

How is ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ unique?

There is a lot of literature with the theme of sexual abuse and overcoming the trauma. There are fictitious stories based on actual events, and there are heartwrenching non-fiction accounts. Then, isn’t it possible for ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ to get lost in the other books on the same subject? What makes my book unique?Continue reading “How is ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ unique?”

Why I wrote ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’

A few years ago, when the revolutionary #meToo movement was launched, I read an article where a rape survivor requested the hospital to conduct euthanasia because she did not want to live. She said that the abuse trauma was too much to bear and that the only way she could be free from the painContinue reading “Why I wrote ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’”