My wacky weekend with my website

I did something that I am not proud of this weekend, and I didn’t even need to recall teenage memories. It all started when I tried to see if my website showed up in Google search results. It didn’t, and I spent time on Saturday researching search engine optimization (SEO) tips. As I was doingContinue reading “My wacky weekend with my website”

Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1

Played the ‘counselor.’ I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. Neither am I a psychology student nor a medical professional. However, when I was a teenager fifteen years ago, I somehow declared myself a ‘counselor’ to my friends, and they accepted it.  I am a good listener and can keep any secret. I shouldContinue reading “Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1”