Nine things to consider when writing about mental health

Many authors, including me, write about sensitive topics that affect our emotional wellbeing, such as abuse, bullying, etc. However, some writers use these topics as a hook to attract readers only to offend them. This happens mainly if the subject triggers someone who has been through an unfortunate experience. Here are nine things to keepContinue reading “Nine things to consider when writing about mental health”

A beginner’s guide to writers’ website creation using WordPress— or

WordPress has two separate ways to create websites—one, using, to host the webpage; and two, utilizing In case you’re going for a free version and don’t mind the at the end of your domain name, is the default method to create your blog. However, if you want a more professional websiteContinue reading “A beginner’s guide to writers’ website creation using WordPress— or”

Three Must-read Manga/Manhwa

I am a huge fan of Manga/Manhwa. Manga is Japanese comics for teens and adults, and Manhwa is the South Korean counterpart. I discovered Manga when I was a teenager and Manhwa/webtoons more recently. I love stories with strong protagonists and impeccable character development. These three shojo Manga—comics for girls, but anyone really—are the perfectContinue reading “Three Must-read Manga/Manhwa”

My wacky weekend with my website

I did something that I am not proud of this weekend, and I didn’t even need to recall teenage memories. It all started when I tried to see if my website showed up in Google search results. It didn’t, and I spent time on Saturday researching search engine optimization (SEO) tips. As I was doingContinue reading “My wacky weekend with my website”

Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1

Played the ‘counselor.’ I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. Neither am I a psychology student nor a medical professional. However, when I was a teenager fifteen years ago, I somehow declared myself a ‘counselor’ to my friends, and they accepted it.  I am a good listener and can keep any secret. I shouldContinue reading “Things I did as a teen that I am not proud of—1”

Why we should listen to our inner voice

When I hit rock bottom a few years ago, I had numerous self-destructive thoughts. When I tried to put them into action, a voice inside me stopped me from making decisions I would regret later. Instead, my inner voice led me to call a therapist helpline, and I registered for sessions. Recently, I read similarContinue reading “Why we should listen to our inner voice”

Rachana’s special gift

Twelve-year-old Rachana was anxious as she entered her new class. The teacher gave her a reassuring smile, but it did not settle the butterflies in her stomach. She walked to the front of the classroom when her teacher gestured her to speak. She cleared her parched throat that had gone dry from nervousness. “Hello everyone,Continue reading “Rachana’s special gift”

What type of author do I aspire to be?

I have been writing articles, stories, and poems since I was a child. I had strong opinions about issues and expressed them through my writing. Needless to say, I was a voracious reader and derived my inspiration from all the classics and modern novels I read. I started by writing alternate endings to stories IContinue reading “What type of author do I aspire to be?”

What I think of Kindle Unlimited

Recently, I started a Kindle Unlimited trial where I could read unlimited books for three months for 99 cents. The offer was attractive, so I took it and started browsing the titles available under this label. Some YA fiction and thrillers piqued my interest, and most of these were by bestselling authors. I noticed thatContinue reading “What I think of Kindle Unlimited”

‘Hopeless’ by ‘Coleen Hoover’—A Critical Analysis

My readers recommended that I read ‘Hopeless’ by ‘Coleen Hoover’ because the book’s theme is similar to mine—sexual abuse. I am glad that the author tackles a challenging topic in her novel; however, I feel the author could have handled the theme of sexual abuse and the consequent trauma much better. Please note this isContinue reading “‘Hopeless’ by ‘Coleen Hoover’—A Critical Analysis”