Three Must-read Manga/Manhwa

I am a huge fan of Manga/Manhwa. Manga is Japanese comics for teens and adults, and Manhwa is the South Korean counterpart. I discovered Manga when I was a teenager and Manhwa/webtoons more recently. I love stories with strong protagonists and impeccable character development. These three shojo Manga—comics for girls, but anyone really—are the perfect ones for you if you are a fan of a slow burn romance, badass leads, and lovable characters. The comics are randomly numbered and are not in my order of liking.

  1. Spirit Fingers

I simply love this Manhwa and all the characters in the webtoon. The art is beautiful, and the story is my favorite. The protagonist is relatable and grows throughout the series. Her self-reflection and evolving relationships with her family and friends are commendable. If you like comedy, slice-of-life, school, romance, and family stories, this webtoon is for you.

  1. Yona of the dawn (Japanese name: Akatsuki No Yona)

I can rave about this Manga for hours on end; it’s that good. The story is fast-paced and an emotional rollercoaster filled with drama, tragedy, comedy, and lots of character development. This comic defines how comrades should be and will make you fall in love with everyone’s teamwork. This is a fantasy Manga with a slow burn and satisfying romance. And did I mention how good looking the characters are?

  1. Skip beat

This Manga is the oldest one of the lot. It has been running for more than twelve years because of its popularity. This comic has many memorable characters, but the female protagonist stands out among everyone. She is flawed, funny, and a fabulous female badass. This series had me laughing, clutching my stomach hard, and made me root for the leads throughout their journey. Many readers complain that the romance is too slow. But I don’t mind at all because the humor and character growth are worth the ride. Which Manga/Webtoons do you recommend?

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