My wacky weekend with my website

I did something that I am not proud of this weekend, and I didn’t even need to recall teenage memories. It all started when I tried to see if my website showed up in Google search results. It didn’t, and I spent time on Saturday researching search engine optimization (SEO) tips. As I was doing this, I realized that the blog theme I’m using is not SEO friendly. Further, I learned that my current website does not support plugins, which could improve SEO. However, there was a solution for this, migrating to The alternative is a self-hosted option and has many more benefits such as free plugins, complete ownership of content, etc.

I added other SEO elements to my current blog and exported all my content to the new page. The tutorials on their website are clear, and I could easily follow the instructions. has SEO-friendly themes that are highly customizable and performance efficient. I spent four hours on the new website content wondering why I was not aware that there were two different WordPress versions. When I finally completed my work, I sat back and admired my work. Now, only one step remained, and I would have a beautiful website that would show up in search engine results.

I set my blog to private, canceled my payment for the domain, and I was all set to run my website—or so I thought. I logged into and typed ‘’ in the ‘site URL.’ I tried to preview my new website, but it had disappeared. In one second, all my hard work vanished into thin air. To make things worse, I could no longer log in to I panicked, but it was of no use because my old blog was downgraded, and my new website was gone.

Despite the situation, I started laughing when I realized the foolish mistake I had made. Even though I owned my domain, I should have transferred it from to I researched for another two hours to at least login to my new website. After a risky attempt to edit my website’s root files, I was finally able to get into again, but my work was lost forever.

I felt better when I saw numerous posts online where people had made the same mistake and had to take the same steps as me to resolve it. I repaid for my old blog and set it back to normal. I shudder to think of what would have happened if I had deleted this version before getting up and running.

I tried to transfer my domain to my new host, but there is a rule that a new hostname cannot be migrated for sixty days. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have spent the entire day on this. Besides, when I learned WordPress would have moved my website from .com to .org for free, you could have imagined my frustration. Why does WordPress think it’s a great idea to have two options to build websites, and why do they not mention it upfront so that people are aware?

Hence, at the end of Saturday night, I was back to square one but armed with the knowledge of creating any self-hosted website for next time. Also, now I know exactly what not to do. What a wacky weekend.

3 thoughts on “My wacky weekend with my website

  1. I heard about the thing, but never knew it can make such a difference!
    Why WP, why?!
    I don’t know much about SEO at all, but I decided to focus first on gaining followers who are a WP blogger themselves.
    It’s not an elegant solution, but it’s quite easy to gain followers relatively fast.
    Nobody will ever admit it, but I am sure that all the big blogger out there are doing it.

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    1. I am making another blog post next week about the difference between the two .org and .com, and which I think is better.

      I agree that wp has its flaws but it’s the most popular platform.

      SEO will help your blog show up on Google more. Eventually this will help in gaining more followers. All bloggers focusing on this a lot.


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