What type of author do I aspire to be?

I have been writing articles, stories, and poems since I was a child. I had strong opinions about issues and expressed them through my writing. Needless to say, I was a voracious reader and derived my inspiration from all the classics and modern novels I read. I started by writing alternate endings to stories I did not like or thought was too tragic. I used to do this because I couldn’t sleep if I was affected by a story. That’s when I realized my strength—my ability to empathize with any character.

Slowly, I started writing my own stories, and almost always, they were based on a matter that my peers could relate to. I noticed that I focused on the emotional impact of issues on my characters and coping with them. My stories were often a ‘how-to’ guide for people who could relate to them in the format of a fictitious tale instead of a non-fiction self-help guide. That’s how I discovered my writing style.

I aspire to be an author who can entertain my readers through an emotional rollercoaster story while conveying meaningful messages through my writing. I aim to inspire my readers to stand up for themselves, to dare to fulfill their dreams, and to never give up hope for a better future no matter what. I want to portray to my readers through my fiction novels—darkness is inevitable in life; however, there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you wish to find it.

3 thoughts on “What type of author do I aspire to be?

  1. This seems like a super helpful idea to narrow focus when writing. As an aspiring author, I’m definitely going to try using this as a prompt for a journal session next time. Sending good writing vibes your way!

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