What I think of Kindle Unlimited

Recently, I started a Kindle Unlimited trial where I could read unlimited books for three months for 99 cents. The offer was attractive, so I took it and started browsing the titles available under this label. Some YA fiction and thrillers piqued my interest, and most of these were by bestselling authors. I noticed that these writers make some of their titles, such as the first book in a series available on Kindle Unlimited, and readers need to buy the rest. This is a good sales tactic, and it works for known authors.

However, I could not find any titles by debut authors. They were not present in any of my recommended lists or when I searched a specific genre. I could see books by new authors only if I searched for the full name of the book. Further, I was irked by the ‘books for you’ section because the suggestions were all romance novels that are not my cup of tea. I had to search for the best Kindle Unlimited books to read on Google and Goodreads for what I wanted, but most of the lists’ books are no longer available for Kindle Unlimited customers.

I enjoy reading women’s fiction and young adult general fiction, but there is no section for either in the Kindle store’s search options. I tried using the filters to sort books by recency, hoping to see titles by new writers, and I got many novels that were yet to release by the same bestselling authors. How are readers supposed to find new authors’ books if there is no easy way to search for them?

I understand that Amazon is trying to sell Kindle Unlimited to its customers using the ‘bestselling authors’ hook; however, thousands of undiscovered gems are available online that readers don’t have access to because of the difficulty in finding them. I am not asking that the app have an ‘undiscovered’ section in its app. But Kindle needs to have more genres in the search section and recommend relevant titles to readers irrespective of the type of author, known or not yet famous.  

After the trial period, Kindle Unlimited’s cost is a whopping $9.99/month (Canadian Dollars), and I do not think it is worth it because I’m not keen to read the same few authors the app recommends. In the future, if Amazon decides to include a diverse selection of books and writers along with some rarely available classics, I would consider a re-subscription. For now, I’m going to cancel after my trial expires.  

Please let me know in the comments below if there is a better way to search for Kindle Unlimited books that I might be missing.   

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