How is ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ unique?

There is a lot of literature with the theme of sexual abuse and overcoming the trauma. There are fictitious stories based on actual events, and there are heartwrenching non-fiction accounts. Then, isn’t it possible for ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ to get lost in the other books on the same subject? What makes my book unique? I thought about the answer to this question before I began writing the story.

My book focuses on the power of the inner voice. We all have an inner voice deep inside us, which tells us that we will be alright in the direst of situations. This inner voice teaches us to prioritize our healing and our strength to overcome the past and move on. However, many of us find it challenging to find our inner voice because it is cluttered with negative thoughts of self-pity, self-doubt, and self-destruction. These negative emotions affect our daily lives and have a significant impact on our mental health.

Therapy is one of the ways to help us find our inner voice. A therapist provides an unbiased perspective of our problems and allows us to work on ourselves. While working on ourselves, we begin to uncover layers of inner thoughts that prevent us from accessing our powerful inner voice. My book tells Tina’s story, who learns to find her inner voice and uses it to move on from her past trauma. Her inner voice guides her in time of need giving her the confidence to face her enemies.

‘The So-called Boy Magnet’ is Tina’s inspiring journey from being battered and bullied to telling off the abusers—their time is up. She stands up for herself, fights for her friends, and battles her self-doubt through the power of her inner voice.

The book will be available in 2021. Follow my blog for the latest updates. Click here to read a draft version of the novel on Wattpad.

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