Writing Tips from Winnie

Many internet resources have a plethora of information on writing stories, articles, novels, etc. Hence, I will not provide tips or advice on writing. Instead, I wish to say one thing to all budding authors—never stop writing. Even if you get negative feedback or feel self-doubt, or get rejected, do not stop writing if you love doing it.

Here are some ways to stay motivated:

  1. Think about the purpose of your writing

When you start reasoning out why you started writing your book in the first place, you will know that there are like-minded people who are interested in your work. When I create a story, I ask myself, will my readers say ‘so what’ to this? Will they feel bored? If the answer to my above questions is ‘yes,’ I start thinking about making it exciting and engaging my readers.

  1. Have a learner’s attitude

When you have a learner’s attitude, you’re willing to make mistakes and get harsh feedback from your readers/fellow authors. You don’t let these bog you down, but you use them as tools to improve your work and rewrite it until you’re satisfied. A learner’s attitude helped me refine my books over and over. It also allowed me to overcome self-doubt when I told myself, ‘If I don’t do well this time, I will learn from it and fare better next time.’

  1. Do not get bogged down by destructive criticism

This is the hardest part of publicizing any talent, including writing. In the world of social media, it’s easier to get instant feedback from readers/fellow authors, and some of them are brutal. When people are nitpicking your work, it’s challenging to stay motivated and keep writing. It’s natural to get dejected and distressed wanting to give up. However, it’s not worth it.

When my book was declared as a cheap and meaningless story, I was disheartened for many months. I faced writer’s block, and my creativity was affected. One day, I decided to look at each negative comment objectively and filtered out all the destructive feedback. I ignored words such as ‘stop writing,’ ‘your book is trash,’ etc. Instead, I focused on the criticism that had ‘why’ my novel was terrible and ‘how’ I could fix it.

I hope the above tips encourage you to keep writing. Please let me know in the comments below how else we can stay motivated as writers.

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