Why I wrote ‘The So-called Boy Magnet’

A few years ago, when the revolutionary #meToo movement was launched, I read an article where a rape survivor requested the hospital to conduct euthanasia because she did not want to live. She said that the abuse trauma was too much to bear and that the only way she could be free from the pain would be to die. This angered me, and I asked myself, why should she lose her life? Does she not have the right to realize her dreams and wishes? Should she let the abusers win by taking an extreme step?

Then came the #timesUp movement, which not only encouraged survivors to come forward with their stories but made them tell off the abusers—their time is up. This meant that the survivors would report their abusers and make sure that they pay for this crime. I was inspired by the #timesUp movement, but I still had an important question—how about the survivors’ trauma? How were they going to overcome that? After all, the most important thing is for survivors to move on and show their abusers that they cannot succeed in ruining the survivors’ lives.

Thus, I wrote the story of a university student, Tina Lauren, who fights back against the abusers and does not let them torment her. Further, she vows not to let anyone else fall prey to these predators. Most importantly, Tina Lauren discovers the power of her inner voice through therapy and self-realization.

The So-called Boy Magnet is a gripping young adult novel that will engage readers on Tina’s journey. There are numerous twists and turns in the story that will keep readers at the edge of their seats while rooting for her battle against abuse.

The book will be available in 2021. Follow my blog for the latest updates. Click here to read a draft version of the novel on Wattpad.

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